Our Service & Video

1. HANOI HOUSING Co., Ltd. specializes in helping the Vietnam’s foreign community with their long- and short-term real estate rental and purchasing needs, including apartments, houses, villas and commercial office space within Ha Noi proper and the surrounding area. We advise with the right way for the new commers who do not well understand about housing market in Hanoi. We have a refresh-updated property data base to show to you with the best selective list of properties, so the properties we show you will match your demands exactly. We also help you to prepare the lease contract, related documents... give you a hand when you check in or check out and take care of you while you stay in the property which rented through our agent.
* Tours of all available properties: We know what is available and where it’s locate.
* Negotiate with the property owners, rental and leasing agents: We work with you as a team to ensure you get the best deal possible.
* Full documents to complete the lease: We take care of all legal documents to make sure the lease or purchase goes smoothly.
* Immediate accessible support for all post-acquisition needs: We have a team of trained property specialists to make sure your house is always safe and secure.
* Have a problem? We will be right there when you need us: We have maintenance staff readily available to deal with any problem that might arise.
* Our agents work throughout Hanoi. This ensures our ability to satisfy all your needs if and when you need property in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.
2. WE ARE THE PROPERTY LANDLORDS as well of many houses, villas, apartments and serviced apartments, so we are committted to give you the best rent but still with good services. 


Our Agents

Our agents are licensed professionals that specialize in searching, negotiating of real estate for rent. Our mission statement is to provide superior living experiences to all our customer with the highest level of customer service, value and quality housing .