Hanoi Housing: A heartfelt thank you to customers

Hanoi Housing: A heartfelt thank you to customers

New Year is an opportunity for people to show their care and affection for each other. Sending New Year's greetings to customers is also a way for companies to express their appreciation for customers who have partnered with the company over the past year.

In 2024, Hanoi Housing Company sent New Year's greetings to all of its customers. The gifts included a box of sweets and fruits, a bottle of wine, and a New Year's card.

Upon receiving New Year's greetings from Hanoi Housing, all customers were very happy and expressed their gratitude. They said they were satisfied with the gifts and thanked Hanoi Housing for showing their care for them.

One customer said, "I am very happy to receive the New Year's greetings from Hanoi Housing. This is a meaningful gift that shows how much Hanoi Housing cares about me. I will continue to support Hanoi Housing and recommend it to my friends and colleagues."

The positive feedback from customers is a joy for Hanoi Housing and a driving force for the company to continue to strive to provide the best services.

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