The HANOI HOUSING brand was born from a vision and a purpose. Our dream was to create residences which truly make customers feel relaxed and comfortable. We aim to ensure they are totally satisfied and have a “Sweet Living – Sweet Life”.

We are a leading developer of serviced accommodation in Hanoi and Northern Vietnam. Our apartments can bring you quality space with convenience and comfort.


1. GIVERS GAIN: Hanoi Housing believes that “If you want happiness, provide it to others” – Frank Tyger and “What goes around comes around”.

2. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Hanoi Housing always focuses on building, preserving and developing sustainable relationships to benefit all parties.

3. TRADITIONS + INNOVATION: Hanoi Housing celebrates traditional values and aims for a brighter future driven by innovation, optimism and energy.

4. ACCOUNTABILITY: Hanoi Housing keeps its promise, especially when it's difficult to deliver. This creates trust and supports strong relationships.

5. LIFELONG LEARNING: Investing in yourself to become a leader as you desire. Your values increase as you develop your knowledge and skills. Lifelong learning and lifelong happiness are intimately linked.

6. A POSITIVE AND SUPPORTIVE ATTITUDE: Always seeing the good things around us and it drives our lives forward. Finding the good in each person helps us attract great people, opportunities and wealth.

7. RECOGNITION: Hanoi Housing values that the recognition drives the growth of successful organizations.

What makes Hanoi Housing different from others?

Hanoi Housing makes a unique difference by combining Western modern style with Oriental culture style. At Hanoi Housing, you can live in a house full of amenities, high service and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

Moreover, you also experience the beauty of traditional Vietnam from the nice caring, rich hospitality to the customs. You can enjoy lots of traditonal festivals in the daily life with the Vietnamese people who live around the apartment.

Hanoi Housing expects our chain of serviced apartments to be innovative and effective. With our smart management system, we dedicate our best improment to customer service. Hanoi Housing is a truly home for you.

Customer satisfaction is the success of Hanoi Housing. The benefit of the customer is the value which Hanoi Housing expect. Thus, we not only try to improve the quality of infrastructure and services, but also invest in the development of human resources.

Our human resources

Hanoi Housing selects employees who graduated from subjects related to business, real estate management. Our human resources are people who has passionate enthusiasm and years of experience in the profession. We organize the training courses for new to enlarge the knowledge and skills in order to integrate into the culture of Hanoi Housing. Throughout the partnership, Hanoi Housing will review employees’ talents on a monthly, quarterly basis to reward and motivate their spirits. From there, to help each of Hanoi Housing members believe in the work and serve customers more thoughtful.

Talent and Moral are both important. Inspired by the good culture of the Vietnamese, Hanoi Housing team has built eight principles of working for our members to bring sustainable development.

  • Family: We take care of our customers and colleagues with the warmth and friendliness of a great family.
  • Community: We commit to the ideal, share, dedicate and show our concern and responsibility for the environment in which we work.
  • Respect: We show respect and courtesy to people as we expect people to treat us.
  • Humility: We serve ourselves by serving others first. We live in life with gratitude without considering it a privilege.
  • Integrity: We will keep honesty and justice to the highest level in all our relationships.
  • Learning: We try our best to move forward, to develove our capabilities, applications, standards, and technologies.
  • Accountability: We dedicate and take responsibility for the financial success of the company.
  • Praise: We congratulate the successes of the company and the success of each member.

We believe that with the “Give and Take” philosophy, we will develop our business, improve a perfect relationship. Hanoi Housing will become your home.

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Hanoi Housing Information

Mr. Johnny Tran English speaking Agent

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Mr. Thuy Japanese speaking Agent

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Mr. Viet Thanh English speaking Agent

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Mr Manuel Gomez Spanish & English Speaking Agent

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Wael Almulla Arabian & English speaking Agent

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Nguyen Quoc Duong English Speaking Agent

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Mr. Ngo Hong Son Russian & English speaking Agent

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Mr. Ngo Hong Thanh Russian & English speaking Agent

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Ms. Trang Property Manager

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Mr Vu The Quyen House Hunter

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Mr Tran Van Tu House Hunter

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Mr La Thanh Tung Phụ trách mua bán BĐS

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