Hanoi Housing's Giving Fund

Hanoi Housing's Giving Fund


HANOI HOUSING is one of the leading serviced apartment chains in Hanoi. We believes that “If you want happiness, provide it to others” – Frank Tyger and “What goes around comes around”.

Follow the philosophy of “Givers Gain'', HANOI HOUSING not only gives its partners business opportunities to grow together, but we also ready to give love, share responsibility with the community, together help difficult circumstances and especially accompany and support children, students contributing to a better society every day. For that reason, we are committed to looking after people, as HANOI HOUSING society is willing to deduct 2 USD from guests for the charity fund, this will be shared. For the unlucky ones, we believe that our society of action will be spread to everyone, to bring good value to life. Staying with HANOI HOUSING is a way you help people, to show your interest in local society.

We believe that with the “Givers gain” philosophy, we will develop our business, improve a perfect relationship “for a sweet living – sweet life”.

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