On January 5th 2021, Hanoi Housing held a ceremony for the 20th anniversary to celebrate our journey and honor all the people who have contributed to our establishment and development.

Hanoi Housing had a memorable 20-year anniversary with the genuine excitement and happiness of all people present.

The fascinating opening performance of the world ranked dance sport couple from Poland burned the stage.

Hanoi Housing’s office staff also joined the stage by performing the song “Khuc giao mua” as a wish of happiness and prosperity in a new year 2021 to Hanoi Housing.

Thanks to this occasion, Hanoi Housing could express gratitude to families, partners and customers, appreciation to former staff as well as honor current staff’s achievements and contributions.

The ceremony night took place in a gracious and warm atmosphere. All participants had a great connection time. It was when the guests and we all shared our heartful thoughts and memories of the journey in building and developing Hanoi Housing until today.

When the lights were out, everyone turned to the stage, lighted up and altogether celebrated Hanoi Housing’s birthday.

Our employees and guests also had fun playing games, dancing and singing to our heart content.

And here were some lucky players.

We hope that in 20 more years, we will have another ceremony with the presence of everyone participating this time as well as new faces to celebrate one more time the development of Hanoi Housing as an even stronger company.

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