Help make a better future.

Help make a better future.

During the recent outbreak of Covid-19, the whole country joined hands to push back the pandemic. Among them, there were many shining examples of solidarity and readiness to help those in need. One of those examples is my boss, Mr. Ngo Hong Thanh.

He is a very enthusiastic person in his work and always ready to help others. When the pandemic broke out, he called on all employees in the company to donate money and essential supplies to support those in need. He personally participated in charitable activities such as distributing gifts to the people, cooking for patients, etc.

I remember one time when he and the company's charity team went to the quarantine area to distribute gifts to the people. Upon arrival, we saw many people living in dire conditions. They did not have enough money to buy food, water, medicine, etc. Mr. Ngo Hong Thanh was deeply moved by witnessing that scene. He quickly distributed gifts to everyone along with the members of the charity team. Although the gifts were small, they brought great joy and encouragement to the people facing difficulties. He not only helped those in need but also actively participated in activities supporting the frontline medical team in the fight against the pandemic. He donated money to purchase medical equipment and protective gear for hospitals. He also regularly visited hospitals to inquire and encourage the spirits of doctors and nurses.

Mr. Ngo Hong Thanh's actions have contributed to spreading the spirit of compassion and helping those in difficult circumstances. He is a shining example of kindness and a great source of encouragement for those around him. I am proud to work under the leadership of Mr. Ngo Hong Thanh. He is not only a good boss but also a teacher, a respected elder brother. I will always strive to learn and follow his example to become a useful person for society.

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