Popular YouTuber Gives High Marks to Hanoi Housing Apartments

Popular YouTuber Gives High Marks to Hanoi Housing Apartments

Recently, YouTuber PAPAKEN-family Cuộc sống ở Việt Nam posted a video review of Hanoi Housing apartments. In the video, PAPAKEN expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the apartments, the company's services, and the staff.

PAPAKEN said that the apartment he rented was a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with a floor area of 35 square meters. The apartment was designed in a modern, convenient style, meeting all of his living needs. The apartment was fully equipped with furniture, from basic living utensils to high-end electronic devices.


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PAPAKEN also praised Hanoi Housing's services. He said that the booking and check-in process was quick and convenient. The company's staff was friendly and enthusiastic, always willing to answer customer questions.Besides, the landlord had the air conditioning system, sewage system, electrical system, and water system cleaned and checked before check-in. The landlord also replaced all the old furniture, such as plates, bowls, and pots.. etc..

PAPAKEN concluded that he was very satisfied with his experience renting an apartment from Hanoi Housing. He recommends that young people who need to rent an apartment should choose Hanoi Housing.

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(image cut from video)

Hanoi Housing is very pleased to receive positive feedback from customers. We always strive to provide customers with the best possible experience when using the company's services.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to PAPAKEN-family Cuộc sống ở Việt Nam for taking the time to share his reviews of Hanoi Housing apartments. We hope to continue receiving the support of PAPAKEN-family Cuộc sống ở Việt Nam and other customers in the future.

You can watch the video here:

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